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Back to Basics with Google Search Optimization

When you are focused on keeping up with the latest developments in online marketing, it is important not to forget about the basics such as Google search optimization. Online searches are still the foundation of online marketing, and small business need to remember to allocate time and energy to keeping up with their Google search optimization strategies as they develop social networking, mobile apps and other tactics.

Google search optimization is based around the key words and phrases people enter when they do a search on Google. It is such a popular way to find information that it has become a verb. Think of how many times you hear people say they will google something. That’s why no company can afford to neglect their Google search optimization if they want to stay competitive these days.

Google Search Optimization Is Ongoing

Like other forms of marketing, Google search optimization is something that requires ongoing effort. You can’t do it once and think it is done. It is not like building something, but more like gardening. You don’t just put the plants in the ground and expect them to grow without care. Likewise, you don’t just optimize your website once and expect your sales to grow. Your plants need to be watered and weeded, and your website needs fresh content and up to date back links for the most effective Google search optimization. Why is this? There are two main reasons.

  1. The criteria for ranking search engine results changes frequently. The key words and phrases themselves evolve, and the formulas used by the search engines also change. The tactics that got a great ranking one day can change quickly , and cause your ranking to plunge dramatically if you are not vigilant.
  2. Old content gets stale. The search engines know this and so do the readers. If they do find your site from a search and click to it, they will quickly know if the content is stale and click away. Old content can even make potential customers wonder if you are still in business!

The easiest and most effective way to stay on top of your Google search optimization is to hire a professional marketing company to look after all of your online marketing needs. It is not easy for small and medium business owners to find the time to keep up with the latest trends and changes while still doing everything else necessary for the business to thrive. Hiring an expert firm frees up time and provides a higher standard of work. Staying on top of the trends is what they do, and they know the most powerful and strategic Google search optimization tactics.

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