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What Is the Secret Ingredient in the Best SEO Service?

Selecting the best SEO service for your business website involves a lot of criteria. Does the company do a comprehensive job, looking at on and off page SEO and creative, honest ways to build genuine, beneficial links? Can they really drive traffic to your site and where’s the proof? Are they up on the latest developments with search engine criteria and the newest strategies? While these things are all critical, there is one other piece of the puzzle that has to be there. What separates a good SEO service from the very best one around is a single secret ingredient: customer service.

Being able to do a good job is not enough. An SEO service has to do more than drive increased, targeted traffic to your website. They have to do that while making sure their clients know they are being treated well. It is not good enough to let a client spend weeks wondering what you are doing while their calls and emails are ignored and then produce good results. Clients should never have to wonder what is being done or why. A top notch SEO service has to be proactive and make sure their clients know what they are doing, when they are doing it and why they are doing it.

How Can an SEO Service Provide the Best Customer Service?

The fundamentals of excellent customer service are the same across all industries, but here is what they look like specifically for an SEO service:

  • Available: Calls and emails get a quick response, even if it is to explain that a complete answer will follow within a specific time frame. When a client calls, the SEO service rep should never be rushed, impatient or distracted. Each client deserves a focused and complete answer to questions.
  • Best Practice: Everyone in the SEO service sector knows about ˜white hat and “black hat” tactics. It should go without saying that a good SEO service follows the highest professional standards, but they should also be able to explain to clients why some tactics are a bad idea.
  • Clear and Complete Communication: SEO professionals use a lot of jargon, but clients might not understand all of it. Communication should always be clear enough that the least tech savvy client understands, and it should answer the client’s questions completely. Nothing is more annoying than asking one question and getting an answer that requires you to ask five more questions to really understand what is going on.

The best SEO service is one that the client enjoys using because of the great results and the great customer service.

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