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What You Can… and Can’t…Expect from a Google SEO Service

If you are marketing anything – professional services, vacation destinations, collectable toys, a restaurant – you probably already know how critical to your business’s success it is to get a good ranking on the search engine results page. It is the first place a huge number of people look when they are looking for anything from a dentist to a new car to a collectible toy. You may already appreciate that hiring a professional Google SEO service to optimize your website will help you, but do you really know exactly what you can and cannot expect from them? Before you hire a Google SEO service, make sure you know how it works and what is reasonable to expect from them to avoid misunderstandings, frustration and disappointment.

It is never a good idea to hire the first Google SEO service you find. Take your time and do some comparison shopping, just as you would for anything else important. Ask questions, look at their portfolio and hear what others have to say about them. Each company will try to impress you, but beware of those that make over the top claims. This is why it is important to know what you can expect from a Google SEO service and what no marketing service can promise you.

An excellent Google SEO service can offer you the following things.

  1. Content optimized with researched, current and effective key words and phrases
  2. Strategic ‘white hat’ backlinks, meta tags, friendly code and other behind the scenes optimization tactics
  3. Localized SEO if suitable
  4. Excellent customer service with clear explanations of what they are doing and why
  5. An improved ranking on the results pages

It is equally important to know what a Google SEO service cannot promise you, although some may claim they can, and that is a specific ranking. No Google SEO service can guarantee they will get your website to the top spot, or even the first page, of the results.

There is a very good reason no company can promise this. Actually, there are a few very good reasons! The results change frequently because your competition is also trying to improve their ranking and tweaking their website. Additionally, the search engines themselves change and tweak their criteria often. So while the general principles stay the same, the specific strategies and tactics are always evolving.

A good Google SEO service can promise to use the latest tactics and comprehensively overhaul and optimize your website, but it just is not possible to promise a specific result. Beware of any Google SEO service provider that claims they can get you to a specific spot on the results pages. Just the fact that they would say that makes it really questionable if you can trust them at all.

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