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Why You Shouldn’t Overcomplicate Your WordPress Website Design

You’ve probably heard the acronym KISS used a lot in business circles. It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. It is sound advice for all aspects of business, but it is especially important for your WordPress website design. First impressions matter. In fact, if you are selling online, first impressions can make or break you. Your company’s website is the first impression potential customers will get of your business. It is critical, and you only have mere seconds to make that great first impression. If they are not impressed, your target audience will simply click away to go look at your competition’s website instead. Without a successful website, you will not have a successful business. It is really and truly that simple!

When you start learning about all the amazing things WordPress website design can do, it is easy to lose the run of yourself and react like a kid in a candy shop. Of course you want all of those awesome plug ins and add ons available for WordPress website design. But do your potential customers? Or will they be overwhelmed and confused by too many different elements on your business website’s home page?

Why Simple WordPress Website Design Is More Powerful

Once you’ve succeeded in driving traffic to your website, you have just seconds to convince them to stay and look around. Your WordPress website design is the key to this. If your site is cluttered, it is hard work for your potential customers. Who likes hard work? Exactly, no one does! You want to make it easy for your target market to see what is on your site and navigate around it. If they arrive and find themselves looking at so many different options and features, they are unlikely to quickly see what they want. In fact, they are likely to just click away and look for an easier site. Don’t clobber them over the head with every cool WordPress website design widget out there. Give them a few clear choices with compelling graphics and engaging, easy to read content. Make it comfortable and easy for them to stay, and they are more likely to do that.

By working with WordPress website design professionals, you can create a simple, streamlined and strategic website with real selling power. Experienced online marketers know how to present a lot of information on a website without overwhelming visitors. They also know which bells and whistles will help you engage potential customers and which won’t. Less is more. Let the experts at Guerrilla force help you get the most from your website with WordPress website design that will grab your potential customer’s attention rather than overwhelm and drive them away.

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